The Couple

I loved him. I really did. He was everything to me, my world. Well, he was, no, he still is. I don't remember how we met, or how any of this began. It's like a part of me that just forgot. I stared out the kitchen that first day, sipping some water wondering what was [...]


It Can Come From Anywhere

It can come from anywhere. Your inspiration and influences pulled out from thin air and you might not even realise. It's what keeps us going, it's what makes us tick but most importantly it's exactly what makes us continue.I can be inspired and influenced by quite honestly anything. It works differently for everyone but for [...]

The Secret Life of [Enter Name Here]

"Little people have little minds" - Life Magazine We all imagine our lives to be bigger and more meaningful at some point in our existence. The film or rather be it perhaps the 1930's short story of the same name 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' gives this exact impression of which we all consider, that [...]