It Can Come From Anywhere

It can come from anywhere. Your inspiration and influences pulled out from thin air and you might not even realise. It’s what keeps us going, it’s what makes us tick but most importantly it’s exactly what makes us continue.

I can be inspired and influenced by quite honestly anything. It works differently for everyone but for me it’s everywhere. I could walk down the street and see a person doing something. I might then create a world in which that person lives in. I start thinking and asking myself what are they doing? Who are they? Its thoughts like these which swirl and spiral into a story or creation of some sort. 

It’s all over the place. I can see, hear or think up anything and alter it, adapt it into something else. I’ll be listening to some music. Music is a brilliant thing to grab inspiration from especially visually for a director. I’d sit there listening and find a scene for something I might be currently working on in a film and it all comes together, fitting perfectly. I was sitting working on the story for Polaroid my latest short film and I’d have my music on. Moon Song by Karen O came on, the song featured on the latest Jaquoin Phoenix film Her. Instantly the little flicks on the strings in the song made me picture the final scene for Polaroid. It all came together, the transition into the music, the for and structure the characters are taking.

Music is one aspect. A lot of the time everything is visual. Photos can help a lot to influence or inspire what I’ll be doing seeing a beautiful work of photography and considering how a similar style could fit into the view of a film through the cinematography. Just sitting watching the world. A major part of the story and idea for Polaroid actually came from watching some people one day. I was sat in a coffee shop one day doing some work when I pulled myself away from my Macbook. I looked out the window to see this busy, bustling street as people push and shove each other aside. I then saw in the background someone taking a picture, a tourist but with a very fancy, flash kind of camera. Semi-professional. Memories. Thats what I got from that little scene of those people. The tourist taking the photos, obviously for remembering and memories. It made me think of the already half written story I’d done for the film and I incorporated the idea of photos and memories which fitted like a perfect jigsaw for the story.

Influences, inspiration, it’s everywhere. You’ve just got to do a little looking and you’ll come across it.


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