Wonder Box


Late at night, after the sun has set over the tall buildings in the West, the moon gazes down as a bright white ball. The gleam from the moon shines across the grey, dull looking pavement. Two shabby worn feet step out onto it. A man, clearly homeless, stands gazing up at the moon wrapped in a hoody covered in holes and with his tattered jeans with the chewed up denim at the heel. He begins to wander through a street filled with huge towering buildings either side which lean over himself. The man looks up in wonder at the buildings and spins at the amazement. He notices the windows of each house. A small flicker of light here and there. He moves in closer mesmerised by these flickers. Shadows and figures. Figures of heads can be made out as he nears the window with shadows appearing at the end of the flicker. Once close enough to make it out he sees a box in the corner of the room away from the window. The figures are all fixated onto the box which expels a burst of light here and there. The man stands looking at the box then at the people, back at the box and then at the people. He turns around to walk away from the house smiling and gazing again at the moon mesmerised by its glorious glow.


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